About us

Waleg.com, founded in 2004, by Ziad Barouni and Hana Rahman, has grown from a simple blog to become the first and largest pop culture and media gossip blog in the MENA region and reaching audience worldwide. Waleg was ranked among the most popular 500 websites in the world.

Because we can never be satisfied with only gossiping about the stars, over the past few years, we introduced many other blogs and we simply integrated these new blogs with Waleg main pop culture blog; these blogs are about the latest and hottest style and fashion trends, health topics, hottest cars, as well as cool gadgets and gizmos, delicious kitchen recipes, puzzling numbers and exciting travel destinations…

You’ll also find lots of other entertaining things on Waleg like our Videos Blog, Polls section and over thousands of photos ranging from celebrities photos, special events like Miss Lebanon and the Oscars, popular real TV shows like Star Academy, and Arab Idol (the Arab version of American Idol) …


In 2020, after year covering trending news, gossip and featuring gadgets and fashion items, reaching millions of users per month, and after taking a break from blogging for the past couple of years, we couldn’t leave blogging behind, so have we decided to make a come back, we will be covering topics mainly related to health and tech and since we are so fond of food, we will be bringing you new delicious and easy unique recipes to try and enjoy 🙂

If you’d like to contact Waleg with news tips, advertising offers, or other information, please send us an email on info (at) waleg.com