Zain Al Shabab: A Program that Empowers the Youth

Zain Al Shabab strives to be the leader for engaging and developing the youth of Jordan!

zain shabab jordan

It is often said, ‘The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth’. In an attempt to develop the youth into productive and self-sufficient citizens, Zain Al Shabab – an exciting youth program in the Kingdom of Jordan promotes community collaboration, healthy choices, positive activities, education and employment services.

The youth program comprises of a group of ambitious young individuals who attempt to take plunge in the business world. This team of lively young individuals is trained through a series of engaging activities and development opportunities.

Serving as an umbrella for the young individuals working within Zain Jordan, Zain Al Shabab strives to be the leader for engaging and developing the youth of Jordan. It empowers its members by helping them participate in projects and supporting their innovative ideas.

Some of the key activities of Zain Al Shabab are:

  • Enabling young individuals to gain experience and knowledge about the work environment, qualifying them to adapt easily in different environments through coaching, team building activities, internal and external training sessions, etc.
  • Shaping personalities and skills of youth by exposing them to different practices.
  • Enriching the lives of the young individuals by expanding their business sense and network.
  • Enabling the young generation to come up with creative ideas in a supportive environment.
  • Engaging youth in interactive campaigns and events along with activities to serve the Jordanian community.

Over the years, Zain Al Shabab has been involved in varied activities that have facilitated an all-rounded development of the young individuals.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the main activities:

Jalsat Zain Al Shabab: A CSR development program that facilitates the youth to learn about different topics that impacts their daily lives, and prepares them for the work life.

7ewar: An interactive initiative that encourages learning through dialogue and experience. it is powered by youth where they share the experiences they have been through during their journey with Zain Al Shabab.

Constructive events that support and embrace hobbies: These events include fast-walk, PlayStation tournaments, etc.

Commercial activities: Hosting interactive Universities Road shows through training sessions, sales & promotion, games and competitions.

Zain Jordan’s youth program has benefited 1000 plus students with work opportunities in call centers, shops and telesales.