Top Four Tips to Stay Productive During Ramadan

It’s easy if followed diligently!

Tips to Stay Productive During Ramadan

Zain Jordan

Start Ramadan and everyone moves into a different beat. People stay up late at night to have Suhoor and get up really early to head to work. While the change in pattern leads to change in work, its best to boost spirits and stay productive at work during Ramadan. Here are four easy tips to stay active and dynamic at work during Ramadan.

Plan Ahead: Prioritizing work in advance as important projects, meetings and discussions can help employees stay focused and efficient. Prioritizing not only puts things in place, but also inspires workers to work just as hard.

Undertake a Quick Workout: A workout doesn’t always have to be rigorous training or exercise. During Ramadan, you can stay energized at the office by taking a five-ten minute break to relax and read the Quran. It not only helps you insert Ibadah into your busy schedule, but gets you freshened up for the next task too.

Work in the Mornings: During Ramadan, you actually concentrate better in the morning rather than the few hours before Iftar. Try to finish all the tasks that involve thinking or processing of the brain in the first few hours of early morning for better results.

Fine Tune Operations: As most companies work for limited hours during Ramadan, use change of pace as a window to fine tune your operations. This is the time to improve and strategize communication methodologies, processes and allocations.

Remember, Ramadan is an important time for reflection and this can apply in the workplace, too. After all it’s the perfect time to learn and practice the art of patience!

Zain Zoom