Ramadan Traffic Reveals the Hidden Force Inside!

Ramadan Traffic Jam

Zain Jordan

“Come on, get out of the way, I’m fasting here!!”

I’m sure you’ve heard that on before!
I just want to know, what is it about Ramadan that drives people crazy?
You would think that logically, if you’re fasting then you wouldn’t have enough energy to go insane, shout, fight and honk all the time. It seems fasting reveals some hidden force inside people! A kind of magical energy reserved only for bad language, shouting and frustration!
I’m no expert but that’s not the way a good Muslim society should be acting during this holy month!

Every culture has a religious period of some kind but they are characterized by calm, peace and quiet. Why can’t we?

If you notice, most of the people causing the commotion are men! And they’re not even the ones who will go home and cook. If anyone has the right to scream and shout it should be the women who have to go home and cook….oh poor women!

Is Ramadan traffic crazy in your society too?

Zain Zoom