Give Shape to your Dreams with Zain Al Mubadara

Zain’s Al Mubadara seeks to support young entrepreneurs to turn their innovative ideas into reality!

Zain Al Mubadara winners 2016

With the rise in youth programs, it was natural to create and design initiatives that provide a platform for the young entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas. Zain’s Al Mubadara is one such initiative that seeks to support young entrepreneurs to turn their innovative ideas into reality.

Targeting the Jordanian youth segment across the Kingdom from 18 – 28 years, Zain Al Mubadara provides young minds with the necessary support to ensure growth and sustainability of their businesses.

Zain Al Mubadara aims to meet the following objectives:

  • Support Jordanian youth by offering them a fast track and stable approach towards achievements and success.
  • Provide coaching and training to ensure growth and sustainability of the business.
  • Ensure fair reach to all governorates in the Kingdom.
  • Enable the program winners to establish a sustainable business by providing work opportunities, offering new products, or enhancing services.

zain al mubadara program

To participate in Zain Al Mubadara, contestants must first submit an application which is then followed by a semi-final round that qualifies the best ideas. The qualified contestants then have an opportunity to showcase their presentation in front of a jury. The winners are announced at the final competition and have an opportunity to receive technical, financial and logistical support to enhance their innovative ideas.

The winners of the second edition of Zain Al Mubadara competition received almost $100,000 worth of prizes in the form of cash and material support.

So if you’ve got an interesting idea, there’s no better platform than Zain Al Mubadara to give wings to your dream!