The Whole of Holes: Five Stunning Facts You Never Knew

The holes certainly have a purpose!


Zain Jordan

Are you those curious types? Then this is certainly going to be of interest to you. It is often noted that quite a many everyday items have holes in them. Ever wondered what’s the logic behind that? Well, here’s the hack.

The hole on your pasta spoon
pasta spoon
This one’s min-blowing. While the hole’s primary purpose is to strain the pasta and let the water drain out, it is also used by many chefs to measure the size of one person’s portion of spaghetti.

The hole in the handle of your pot
Well, this is a no-brainer. As most of us know, the hole is there for the hanging up your pot, but the next time you need a spoon-rest, make use of the hole to avoid the mess!

The small hole next to the camera on an iPhone
iphone camera hole
This is super easy. It’s a microphone for when you’re using the back camera.

The little holes in Converse All Stars
converse all stars
This is outrageous! While the main reason is to permit ventilation for your feet, some people suggest that laces could be looped through the extra holes for a cosier fit.

The hole found in rulers
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Its main purpose is to hang up the ruler anywhere you wish.

Zain Zoom