Left or Right Hemisphere of Your Brain?


Zain Jordan

Our brain is divided in half, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere and each part plays a different role in the way we understand, see and perceive the things around us.
The left part is responsible for logic while the right part for creativity.
So, which part of your brain do you use more? Which part is stronger? Are you more of a logical person or a creative one?
To know the answer, check out the test after the jump …

Take a good look at the dancing lady in the photo.
To what side do you see her moving? Is she moving clockwise or anti-clockwise?

Left or right side of the brain

So, what do you see?
If you see her rotating clockwise, then you’re using your right hemisphere and you’re more of a creative person.
If you see her rotating anti-clockwise, then you’re using your left hemisphere and you’re more of a logical person!

Zain Zoom