Emotional Bonding: Animals Display Act of Compassion

It’s time humans learn the art of empathy!

Monkey adopt puppy

Humans are instilled with the values of love, compassion, empathy and tolerance whereas animals adopt the basic acts of kindness based on their instincts.

Recently, a rhesus macaque monkey adopted a puppy in Rode, India. While the mommy monkey watched over the different breed baby, it also defended it from stray dogs, fed the puppy and took care of the puppy as it were her own. Impressed by the compassion that the duo shared, the locals in that area set out food for the two unusual companions. To everyone’s surprise, the monkey was so compassionate that it even let the puppy eat first!

Siberian Huskies adopt cat

On a similar note, a pack of three Siberian Huskies from San Jose, California, are raising a rescued cat as one of their own. The leader of the pack served as a surrogate mother to the kitten, cuddling and comforting her when the owners of the Siberian Huskies found it malnourished, lethargic and dying. The kitten has eventually settled well in the pack and the four of them eat, drink, play and even nap together.

In an era where humans are brutally killing each other, the animals prove that love has no bounds!