Die-Hard Apple Fan Change Name to iPhone 7 to Get Device for Free!

iPhone 7 Man

Zain Jordan

How far would you go to win an iPhone 7? Well, I don’t know about you but for some guys it’s as far as changing their name to the device’s name.
A number of Ukrainian guys did exactly that in order to win a free iPhone 7 when a local electronics store announced that it would award a free iPhone 7 to the first five people who name themselves after the latest Apple device. The first one to win was a 20-year-old guy formerly known as Olexander Turin, who is now known as iPhone Sim (sim means seven in Ukrainian).

Though he sacrificed his real name, the 20-year-old got a pretty good deal for the free device. It only cost him $2 to change his name and in return he avoided spending $850 USD for the device.

According to reports, the guy’s family is not happy about his name change but there’s nothing they can do about it. However, the guy did say that he might revert to his original name when he has his own children someday.

Would you do as this guy did to get a free iPhone 7?

Zain Zoom