The Immense Power of Bleach!

Beware! Coca-Cola mixed with bleach is toxic!

coca cola Bleach

We’ve all used bleach at some point in our lives to get rid of stains, but YouTube experimenter Taras Kul, AKA CrazyRussianHacker, tested out a weird combination of Coca Cola and Bleach.

The result is petrifying! The CrazyRussianHacker transferred bleach into a glass of the fizzy drink to realize its effect. His discovery was ingenious! Several minutes later, Coca Cola mixed with bleach turned completely transparent. This happens as Bleach eliminates color through oxidation, breaking down the chemicals that create visible hues.

The YouTube experimenter presented this information over a video titled ‘What will happen if you mix coke and bleach?’ Since uploading this experiment it’s been viewed over 2.7 million times.

While the unique stunt has been captivating for a few, some of them have criticized the experiment indicating that bleach when mixed with anything has the power to turn it white. Whatever it is, we suggest, don’t try this at home. And more importantly quit the poisonous fizzy drinks for a healthy living.

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