Saudi Arabia Takes it Too Far With Women


Saudi Arabia, the Muslim country is taking it too far with women. A video went viral recently of a young lady dancing a folk traditional cultural type dance in a festival. Mehrajan Al-Tasawoq (Shopping festival) was the place of the incident.

The duration of the video doesn’t cross 1:01 yet the prince of the area that the festival took place on demanded an investigation as soon as the video went viral and caused a wide argument in social media networks, People who attended the festival and people who have seen the video wrote to the mayor of the town to actually pull a penalty out of his pocket to deal with this infraction. The video was posted on YouTube which gotten tsunami-d with a lot negative comments, reached more than 240 thousand views only in few days.

In Saudis eyes this is right, though to other people and countries this is too much. The dark cave that’s holding Saudi Arabia has to be wrecked, people won’t evolve this way and the difference between the country now and the dark era is basically they have electricity and cars now. Yea sure you have cheap gas and no tax, but come on.

Some may say this is offensive to women, what do you have to say about this?