Tears of Blood!

Watch this video report of a teen who cries tears of blood instead of ordinary tears!

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Castillo Kids

Have you heard of the Castillo kids before? Watch this video of their Numa Numa song:

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Amazing Coffee Drawings!

I've always wondered how those beautiful drawings 'Latte Art' on the cappuccino's are done! I thought there was a machine or something, but turns out it's all done by skillful hands!

Amazing! Hmm ... makes me want a hot cup of cappuccino now!

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Miss Teen USA Contestant Stupid Answer !!!

Miss Teen USA contstant answers a question about geographic illiteracy in America ... her answer is silly! It's totally incoherent! But the question is, Does she know where the USA is on the map?

Nicolas Sarkozy Drunk!

This is a video showing the newly elected french president Nicolas Sarkozy apparently drunk at the G8 summit after his meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin ... !

If you are wondering what the TV news presenter said before showing the video, he said that this is a video of Nicolas Sarkozy in which apparently he drunk water before the press conference ...

Robert Kubica F1 2007 Canada Crash

The BMW Sauber Driver made contact with Toyota’s Jarno Trulli from behind on the 27th lap at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve when approaching the hairpin causing him to go off the track... Read more