Voting Results - 8th Prime

Video of Wajdi from Tunisia, Rym from Algeria and Mohammad Fahad from Saudi Arabia waiting for the voting results and then the voting of the students at the academy during the 8th prime of star academy 3.

Joseph and Hisham Abbas

Video of Lebanese contestant Joseph Attieh singing with Egyptian singer Hisham Abbas during the 7th prime of Star Academy 3.

Special thanks to fetfet for sharing all star academy 3 videos with us on WALEG.

Maya, Wajdi and Natacha

Lebanese contestant Maya and Tunisian Wajdi singing with French singer Natacha at the 7th prime of star academy 3.

Portrait of Policemen

This is the video of the Portait of policemen during the 7th prime of LBC Star Academy 3.

Nominees on 5th Prime

Nominees of the 5th prime were: Walid from Jordan, Mohammad Aldossari and Rym from Algeria. This video shows Walid, Mohammad and Rym enter the stage, each one of them driving a car...