Rym & Wajdi

Video of star academy 3 Tunisian student Wajdi Lakhal and Algerian Rym Alghazali on their 7th evaluation at the academy.

Click the play button to watch the video.

Mohammad Fahad & Rakiya

7th Evaluation video of Saudi student Mohammad Fahad and Egyptian Rakiya; they played the role of two theifs and one of them gets caught and thrown in prison ...

Hani & Joseph

Hani and Joseph 7th exam at the academy, in addition to the teachers comentary.

Kahlifa and Hana Exam

Video of the 7th Evaluation of Kahlifa and Hana where both of them played a role of mad people.

Maya and Fadi 7th Evaluation

Video of the 7th evaluation of Maya and Fadi in which they both got a positive comments by the teachers on the dance they performed.