Wonder What’s the Secret to Good Teamwork?

Google has a mesmerising answer!


Zain Jordan

Have you wondered why some teams perform so well together, while others fail miserably? We’ve often seen and heard that even though some teams are equipped with the best workforce, they shatter down to pieces in no time.

To find an answer to this mysterious equation, Google – the tech giant conducted a research. It was noted that how people work together is more important than the skills of those in the group. Google emphasized that the teams work best when everyone has a chance to express their opinion, have clear goals and believe their work matters.

In short, when group members are nice to each other the team performs well. Hence it was noted that it is of significance to respect one another’s emotions and that all members should contribute to the conversation equally.

Members of productive teams take the effort to understand each other, find a way to relate to each other and then try to make themselves understood.

Zain Zoom