Top Five Digital Marketing Trends to Shape Your Business

The drivers of change!


Zain Jordan

Digital marketing is the ‘in-thing’ that shapes the growth of business and connects the audience to a brand. As digital technology continues to evolve, here are the top five digital trends that have shaped the industry and will become more important for businesses as we move forward.

Mobile Marketing
Mobile has become a way of life. From booking a table at a restaurant to ordering flowers, most companies offer user-friendly apps that allow transactions at the click of a mouse. As such, having an adaptive mobile design which serves relevant, contextual content is extremely important if you want to fuel the growth of your business.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media has the power to not just create awareness, but also engage audience and encourage advocacy or ‘social media amplification’ to give it the full treatment. While Facebook and Twitter lead the race, Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest are also gaining popularity. Make use of these digital platforms to connect and establish a presence with your audience.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is the hot bod of digital marketing. While the technology is scary and exciting at the same time, it is not far when humans will be replaced with robots to enhance and scale repetitive and boring tasks. Use it smartly to avail the best results for your business.

Email Marketing
Whether you like it or not, email is the most ubiquitous tool online. Everyone has it, and utilising it properly can push your marketing ahead of your rivals. From newsletters to collaterals, email is perfect to give shape to your business’s marketing strategy.

Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is the industry’s hot ‘go-to’ strategy. However, it is important the influencers you choose connect to your brand and have an organic list of followers. Partner and associate with the right influencers to tap its maximum potential.

Zain Zoom