Top 5 Assessment Rules to Identify a Future Leader for Your Organisation

Recognising a leader is vital for your company’s success!

Future Leader

Zain Jordan

A great hire can be a future leader. As such, an organisation needs to put a structured plan in place for leadership continuity. It needs to measure between talent and performance to identify individuals who have leadership potential. Here are top five ways to assess talent in your organisation.

An employee might be super talented, but it’s essential to understand and identify employees who put in extra effort, who put in extra time and jump at opportunities. Only committed employees can be great leaders.

Employees who can easily connect and socialise with other colleagues and clients have a pleasant and uplifting attitude. Such employees not only inspire others in the organisation, but can serve as great leaders.

Employees who have the ability to take up responsibility and are answerable for failure can be identified as leaders. If an employee shies away from taking responsibility for their actions it might reflect poorly on them. Leaders have to know how to bear responsibility for the good and the bad.

Employees who can multi-task in addition to their defined roles prove to be great leaders. You can throw them in the deep end to test waters!

If you’re considering an employee for a leadership role, it is significant that you understand their aspirations and ambitions. An employee may be talented, but not ambitious enough to enhance and develop career. Identify their ambitions to be able to make the right decision.

Zain Zoom