Tick – Tock: What is Time?

Time is nothing, but how your brain processes it!


Time is a difficult phenomenon to understand. While some scientists believe that space and time started at the point of the big bang, other scientists believe that the universe moves in cycles, one version to the next, and has been doing so for eternity, an infinite amount of time.
Time is presented to us in many different ways. We measure time, keep time, meet and greet in time and our daily lives are completely wrapped around the onward rush of time. Time is also perceived as the present and future.

Einstein’s theories of Special and General relativity also define time wherein he introduced the concept of slowing of time with motion and in gravity. Einstein also showed that large masses curve space and there is increase in mass with acceleration by application of a force. These discoveries of Einstein provide the necessary clues to solving the riddle of time.

Though there are several theories to support time and its existence, we say time is nothing, but how we process it in the brain. So make use of this valuable source, before it runs out of your hand.