Stop Overthinking: Detox Your Mind With 5 Steps

Here are the directions to find your way out!


Zain Jordan

Happiness is just a step away from you if you stop overthinking. While overthinking has been cited as the main reason to hamper the happiness in your life, it is also one of the major factors for growing stress, anxiety and depression.

Here are our top five steps to stop overthinking:

Stop thinking short-term
When things bother you, think will it really matter in five years’ time or even five weeks? If it doesn’t, snap out of it and focus on things that matter.

Stop waiting for perfection
No one’s perfect. So stop chasing and aiming to be a perfectionist. Being ambitious is great, but don’t measure it with perfection. Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress.

Stop running away
You can’t control everything. As such, forgive yourself and others. This will help you live life happily. Let go off your fears and be ready to face challenges.

Stop leading a lethargic life
One of the main reasons to overthink is that you have the time to. Consider exercising as a daily routine to improve your health. Involve yourself in activity that strains you out leaving no time to think for things that don’t hold significance.

Stop dwelling on problems
Dwelling on your problems isn’t helpful–but looking for solutions is. Instead of asking why did this happen? Ask yourself what can I do about it?

Zain Zoom