Startup Tips: 4 Critical Steps for Social Media Marketing

Use the power of social media to create awareness for your startup!

Startup social media marketing tips

Over the last few years, social media has become less of optional marketing and more of an integral part of a company’s marketing structure. As a key to building a brand’s awareness, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, among many others have become integral parts of content distribution, lead generation and customer acquisition. These platforms have become even more important if you’re a start-up and looking for ways to create brand awareness with small budgets. While it’s easy to put across a message on social media, it requires strategy to be successful.

Below are five essential social media tips for startups:

Start with a strategy
Strategy is the key to any business. As an entrepreneur, you understand the value of strategizing and planning. So even before you select your social media channels, outline a detailed strategy that will help you portray your brand message rightly. Remain consistent in your approach and success if bound to be yours!

Choose the right channels
Each to its own! This applies to social media most importantly. While Facebook may have over a billion users, but if your potential customers don’t make up a big part of that user base, it’s not the right social network for you. Hence, it’s important to determine your audience, the nature of your business before you take the plunge.

Share quality content
As a startup your focus must be on quality, rather than quantity. Share content that your audience can relate to. Use interactive mediums as videos, presentations, Infographics among many others that provides your target audience with relevant information they seek.

Add a human touch
Social media just doesn’t let you build your brand presence; it also allows you to interact with your audience. Hence, don’t just post messages like a robot, but engage in a conversation. Take time to answer their questions, accept their feedback and address their issues.

Build an online community
Social media allows you to engage with your audience. Tap on that and introduce your audience to the people who make your startup what it is. Build trust with your followers. Engage and involve influencers and make them your brand ambassadors to help you attain the exposure you deserve.