Positive Power: 5 Traits of Authentic People

Self-confidence and courage is what makes them different from the others!

Positive Power Authentic People

Zain Jordan

It definitely takes courage to stand up on your own and follow your inner voice and heart desires. While many of us try being authentic, here are the five essential traits of authentic people.

They voice opinions out loud
Authentic people love voicing their opinions and views. They don’t follow people who march to the beat of their own drum. They live a life that feels most fulfilling in their hearts.

They trust their instincts
Authentic people trust their instincts. If something feels wrong, there’s a reason. They accept the signals generated by their bodies to sense when something isn’t right. They pay attention to their gut feelings and trust that their intuitions for a fuller and happier life.

They accept criticism
As much as the authentic people love voicing out their opinions, they are also open to criticism or even judgments. It’s not that they don’t know what to say, but they love to learn and grow from criticism. They understand the difference between constructive criticism and personal insults that have no bearing.

They don’t please everyone
While authentic people are compassionate and kind to others, they don’t strive to live up to others’ expectation or bother to please everyone. They know they cannot please everyone and hence live happily.

They don’t indulge in gossip
Authentic people stay away from gossip. They don’t take kindly to those who choose to speak harshly of other behinds their backs and make a non-judgmental note of others.

Zain Zoom