The Not So Happy Side of Being a Celebrity

Be careful what you wish for!

Celebrities not happy

I’m sure all of us have looked at a celebrity and wished they could live their lives of luxury and so called happiness, but a new survey about celebrities is showing us the not-so-happy side of being a celebrity. It seems that 50% of all female artists have been or are divorced in addition 6% of all female artists have canceled an engagement. It doesn’t stop there though 15% of female artists in the Arab world have surpassed the age for marriage and may have to die alone.

In total 84% of all female artists have some kind of problem in their social life. The reason for this is easy, working hours when you’re a celebrity are hard and unpredictable and privacy is a non existent luxury.

I think these numbers are important because it’s easy to look at someone and wish you were them but you don’t know what their life is really like!