No Time in Ramadan?

No Time in Ramadan

Zain Jordan

I hear a lot of people saying that there’s no time to do anything during Ramadan…
“Oh, I want to go to cut my hair but there’s no time…”
“Oh, I can’t get all of my work done … there’s not time…”
Oh this and Oh that!!!

Well, for those of you who are still convinced that time flies by so quickly… I would just like to remind you that Ramadan isn’t a special time zone! Neither is it a hole in the space-time continuum…and it’s definitely not a loophole in Einstein’s theory of time and space.

Yes, there ‘still’ are 24 hours in a day, no more, no less. It’s all about how we manage that time that makes all the difference.

For me, things have turned out differently. I’ve noticed that Ramadan actually ‘creates’ more time to do things that I wouldn’t have done during normal days. For example, I have more time to spend with my family during Iftar. I have more time to eat, instead of just grabbing a bite. I have more time to finish my work since the load is much less. But if Ramadan gives us more time for something, it should be more time to become a better person. We should all try to fit that into our agenda…

How’s your Ramadan time passing?

Zain Zoom