Why Are So Many People Studying Online?

People Studying Online

In recent years, there has been a massive increase in the number of students who are taking their degree programs from home. Thanks to the internet, cloud computing and the rise of the virtual workforce, virtual education has also taken off, meaning that there’s no need to go back to campus if you want to study for an online MSW from Rutgers Online, for example. We look at just some of the many reasons why more students than ever before are opting to get their degree online.

When choosing a degree course, especially as an adult who’s going back to college and will be tackling it alongside the responsibility of daily adult life, it’s important to factor in how flexible it’s going to be. If you need to continue working in order to pay off your mortgage or support your children whilst you’re studying, for example, you’ll need a program that can easily be fitted around your work day. Prior to online education, no such program was available full-time, meaning that many people would have to either study part-time or stop working in order to get their degree. Since online learning is done from home and you’re fully in charge of where and when you study, it can be easily fitted into even the busiest of lives.

Save Money
Another reason why more and more people are choosing online degree courses instead of heading to campus is that they are cheaper. For the most part, online degrees such as MSW online programs can be purchased at around a third cheaper tuition than those studied on campus, although some online exclusive colleges do offer courses cheaper or even for free. With tuition fees at a steady incline, online tuition gives students the opportunity to pay off student debt quicker or even pay for their program up front.

Accelerated Programs
If you need to get a degree as quickly as possible, an online program is the way to go. Whether you’ve decided that you’d like to study for your bachelor’s degree later in life and don’t want to spend four years at college, or you need to gain a master’s degree as quickly as possible in order to get a better job, the flexible nature of online study allows students to speed up their program and finish it in a reduced amount of time. However, note that not all colleges offer this!

Transferable Skills
College is a great place for students to learn new transferable skills overall. However, studying online provides you with an opportunity to fine-tune a set of skills that you wouldn’t get on campus. Once you’ve graduated from your online program, you will have likely improved your skills at managing your own time, self-study and self-directed research, online communication, and even your technology skills, which can all be very valuable to future employers.

Since online study was first introduced, it has gone from strength to strength with thousands of students per year opting for cheaper, more flexible education.