All Living Things Can Absorb Energy, Confirms a Study

Everything around us is energy!


Zain Jordan

Ever felt a positive or a negative vibe while surrounded with people? A recent study confirms that all living things can absorb energy. Known as bioenergetics, the study confirms that everything in this universe is energy.

The study was conducted on algae and it was observed that in addition to photosynthesis, algae also have an alternative source of energy that allows it to absorb energy from other algae. According to researchers and scientists, our bodies are like sponges which easily absorb and leave energy.

The human body is very similar to a plant that sucks, absorbs the energy needed to feed the emotional state. Hence, we observe traits as nervousness, anxiety, stress, laughter and optimism among other emotional qualities.

According to the study, if man re-establishes connection with Mother Nature, the energy absorbed from the natural resources will only lead mankind to goodness!

Zain Zoom