Live Your Entrepreneurial Dream the Right Way

Don’t quit your day job!

Entrepreneurial Dream

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t come easy. However, if you’ve decided to take the plunge, here is how to do it right, without quitting your day job.

Think Smart. Think Wise
While it’s good to be passionate about your upcoming entrepreneurial venture, staying employed and investing a few months of after-hours labour during this process is far better than quitting your existing job. This will help you save for your new business without mortgaging your house!

Talk About It
Test your concept. Talk to friends, colleagues and anybody else who can give you an honest opinion. Don’t worry about someone stealing your idea—only bigger companies have the resources to put you out of business. If you come across someone who is pursuing a similar idea, that only validates your idea and market.

Market Your Product
Marketing is a significant element for the launch of your product or service. Buy a few Google AdWords, launch a website, and put your product or service up for sale. While the money you make will be just good for a dinner, it will help you gain valuable feedback and customer insight.

Maximize Your Reach
Remember you are the one who built your brand. Hence you are the face of your brand. Set appointments during the workweek with potential customers. Learn how to tell your product story clearly with enthusiasm. Present, Learn and Sell!

Ask for Help
Refer to online communities and portals to seek help. There are a number of people out there who love to help you with your questions. Be bold and draw their advice.