Five Things That Indicate Your Life is Moving Towards a Positive Change

Feelings that indicate you’re growing as a person!


Zain Jordan

It is often said, to feel the change, be the change! Similarly, if you have to experience the change it’s time to move out of your comfort zone, no matter how uncomfortable that feeling might be through that period of change. So if you’ve been experiencing the below five, it indicates that you’re moving on the right track.

You Feel Lost
If you feel lost and don’t know what direction to head, don’t worry. The simple realisation that you are lost is the first step to actually finding yourself. It is by reaching this point that you ask all those difficult questions about life.

You Miss True Friendship
Genuine friendship is not about how long you’ve known each other, but how supportive you’ve been to each other. The moment you realise and drift yourself apart from those with whom you don’t have this connection, that’s the time you know you’re set for a positive change.

You Don’t Trust Easily
Not only because you’re being selective about your friends, but also because you don’t accept unlogical behaviour of people. You’ve been disappointed a lot of times and you know exactly how the real world works. This is an indication that you’re heading for a new beginning.

You Feel Anxious About Your Future.
You appear to be bold and strong, but in reality you’re insecure most of the times about your own life. But, despite all the confusions and fears, you can manage yourself to finish your responsibilities and work. This indicates that you’re heading to a new horizon.

You Feel That Your Life Has Many Missing Pieces
At whatever stage of your journey you may be, you always feel that there are pieces of the puzzle which are still missing or hidden from view. However, without getting distracted, you focus on the present and wait patiently for the future indicating a perfect new beginning.

Zain Zoom