Five Habits That Will Make You Smart and Clever

Think smart, act smart!

5 Habits Smart and Clever

Zain Jordan

Many people believe that intelligence is associated only with IQ. However, there are a number of potential methods to boost your cognitive abilities and get smarter. Let’s take a look at the top five methods that are certain to make you smarter.

Learn how to learn
Learning is a process. So cultivate the habit to learn almost anything instantly. This helps you explore a wide range of subjects and helps you acquire knowledge to think smart and effectively.

Set Long-term Goals
While short-term goals can give you a sense of gratification, the real power lies in making a plan for the future. Set long term goals to reap longer benefits.

Be a Voracious Reader
The benefits of reading are extensive. So whether you read fiction, non-fiction or a news website –reading not only reduces stress, but also equips you with abundant information just perfect to improve your learning curve making you smarter and accurate.

Share your Learnings
It’s a good idea to voice out your learnings with like-minded people. Debate and analyze your ideas with friends or colleagues to improve each other’s knowledge and gain new perspectives.

Challenging Yourself
It is important that you keep challenging your brain often. Doing regular things makes your brain accustomed to mundane jobs. Hence, it is important to develop an instinct for exciting and new things to put your efforts to test.

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