Engage in Outdoor Activities with these New Pair of Socks!

Portable, protective and polymer based!


Zain Jordan

How about replacing traditional, heavy, specialised footwear with a lightweight, safe alternative? Sounds like a dream, isn’t it? A European start-up called Skinners Technologies has developed a barefoot friendly concept that can offer more than skin protection.

Designed to offer a portable, protective and a comfortable solution for a range of activities, the revolutionary footwear is coated in a dual polymer waterproof plastic and features an odour-resistant Lycra that is designed to make it both comfortable and functional. In addition, it is -abrasive, machine washable, anti-bacterial and has a waterproof underside all while weighing a mere 2.8 oz.

And if that’s not all, with Skinners you can walk on glass and a box of spilled Legos! The idea is to offer your foot a solution that doesn’t let you stop. So whether you’re a barefoot runner or an outdoor adventure-seeker, Skinners is the perfect solution for your feet.

Run, bike, hike – do everything that you wanted to as Skinners is designed for rough-on-the-feet activities and more.

Zain Zoom