Are You an Ambivert? 10 Signs to Prove if You’re One

See how many of these apply to you!


Zain Jordan

Are you an introvert or an extrovert, or a combination of both? Here are 10 signs if you’re both or as people term it – an ambivert!

1. You love to stay by yourself, however you also enjoy socialising.
2. Being the center of attention is fun, but it doesn’t last long. Anything for you is short-lived.
3. Meeting new people is fun, but you’ll probably be uncomfortable if you have to do it without any of your existing friends with you at that moment.
4. You’re calm and composed at the office, while your friends know you as a very different person.
5. Adapting to any situation has always been easy for you.
6. Working with teams is great only if you find everyone putting in the same effort.
7. You know exactly what and when to talk during conversations.
8. When you see things written about being an introvert, you start to relate…but then discover that you relate to the extrovert ones as well.
9. You don’t love a lot of socialising, but then again – too much idle time leaves you bored.
10. At times, you trust people blindly and at other times, you just can’t believe in others.

Zain Zoom