5 Tips for Effective Employee On-boarding

Create positive impressions right from the start!


Zain Jordan

A bad hire will not only affect you financially, but also damage the reputation of those involved. As such it is important that organisations create the right first impression to ensure that the new hire feels welcomed and valued. Here are our top five tips that will help your new recruit feel a part of your organisation right from day one.

Introduce the New Hire to the Existing Team
You’ve hired a new employee. Now it’s time to announce it to the rest of the staff. Facilitate introductions and show them around. Remember, ‘first impression is the last impression’ most of the times.

Outline the Business Etiquettes
Your hire may or may not have previous working experience. It’s best to explain the business etiquettes right at the start to set the expectations accurate. From the etiquette of conducting a meeting to decision-making, tactics to do business and difficult topics or issues, etc. your hire must be well acquainted with the business processes.

Suggest Ways for Fun and Relaxation
While it’s important to state rules and procedures of your organisation to your new hire, it is equally essential to state to new team members how can they have fun at work which is certain to boost their performance.

Assign a Mentor or an Assistant
Whether the new hire may be experienced or a fresher, it is important to have a resource assigned to help them around when they are new to an organisation. This will not only elevate the chances for discrepancies, but also help the new hire to bond well with the organisation.

Recognise Early Success
If your new hire has proved to be exceptional to your organisation within a month or two of joining, recognise and reward their success.

Zain Zoom