5 Practices to Help You Stay Motivated

Ever wondered what can help you stay motivated?

Practices to Stay Motivated

Zain Jordan

We all struggle with motivation, whether it’s health, career, relationship or simply improving a hobby. While it’s no rocket-science to gain the ability to maintain the momentum, it is these five key elements that come to rescue. It will not only help you ground yourself, but also create the spark and make your journey as enjoyable as an expedition.

Find a Positive Reason: While it’s difficult to find a positive reason for everything you do, but if you’re stuck with a task that you hate then its best to find a positive reason to keep moving. The positive reason could be a material reward, a sense of accomplishment or just a personal gain. As long as it’s positive it will motivate you to finish the task and reach your goal.

Be Self-compassionate: While it’s a good thing to be harsh on yourself, it is also important to be kind. Research indicates that being kind to yourself gives the strength to face fears, both real and imagined. So be nice and avoid the tendency for social comparison which often results in demotivation.

Break the Goal: Break your goal into smaller chunks. For example if your goal is to lose weight, start first with easy exercises and then tough regimes and diet plans. This method can make even the biggest task feel easily accomplishable.

Seek Positive Information: Keep reading up information which is positive and informational. It will keep you motivated. As humans, it is important to keep reminding yourself that you are capable of the achievement.

Plan a Reward: It’s important to plan a reward to keep yourself motivated to accomplish the goal. Make sure the reward is big and appropriate. For example if your goal was to lose weight which you achieve in the set duration, don’t eat a chocolate cake as a reward. Instead, plan a day at the spa or a shopping trip that will make your body and mind feel rejuvenated.

Zain Zoom