5 Actual Reasons That Signify You’re Unhappy at Work

The first step is to understand why you’re unhappy!

unhappy at work

Zain Jordan

At one point or the other, you may find yourself not getting excited about your job as you used to in the early months or years. The reasons could be plenty – from horrible bosses to boredom and excessive work pressure. However, there are several other real-world reasons that play a major role in making you so unhappy.

You take it personally
The feedback from your boss that your strategy is not in line with their comments is taking a toll on your health. Come on! Grow over it. They’ve hired you because they find you capable, align your strategy based on their feedback rather than brooding over it.

You compare yourself with others
Comparing yourself with others gives you no room to appreciate yourself or to discover the value you can offer to your employers. Buckle up and stop torturing yourself. You need to show your prowess and earn respect rather than looking for sympathy all the time.

You worry too much
Work for a living and don’t live to work. Worrying too much will only make you feel unwanted with unreasonable pressure on yourself. So fly high and enjoy life.

You are loaded with responsibilities
While it’s good to take up additional responsibilities, you must know where to draw a line. Brace up and don’t be afraid to push back and say, “No, I can’t take on more.”

You are being bullied
You might say that the people in the organisation are non-cooperative, while the reality might be different. Don’t let people bully you. Raise your voice and stand up for your opinions.

Zain Zoom