4 Techie and Not-So-Techie Gadgets Every Nurse Should Have

Doctor of Nursing

Nurses making their rounds on the floor often are so busy that they need a little bit of extra help from technology and good old fashioned writing devices (for making those scribbly notes!) in order to help them get through everything that must be done while remember what is yet to do. With the holidays upon us, why not consider some of these techie and not-so-techie gadgets that every nurse really should have. Whether you are a student working from an MSN to DNP online or still a student nurse making her practical rotation, these gadgets are sure to make life so much easier.

1. Can You Believe It? A Wearable Notepad
Okay so this is the 21st Century and everyone has a netbook, a notebook and a cell phone that they wouldn’t leave home without, but what about a good old fashioned wearable dry erase notepad! These can be worn around the neck so that you can quickly jot a note you want to remember to enter on the chart, and then be on about your business. Funny how charts are digital but we still need to take longhand notes!

2. USB Voice Recorder
Some nurses have gotten used to technology to such an extent that they wouldn’t be caught dead without their USB voice recorder. You will often see DNP entry for nurse practitioners taking their voice recorders everywhere they go. Typically entry level nurse practitioners are fanatic about keeping notes and so their USB voice recorder is like having a third arm and a second brain.

3. Ampule Opener
In the ‘not-so-techie’ line of must-have gadgets, an ampule opener is a must. Those little glass ampules are harder to ‘crack’ than you might ever imagine and while most hospitals have a few lying about somewhere, it helps to have one handy in your pocket so that you aren’t wasting time running from nurses station to nurses station trying to locate one.

4. Pricey But Invaluable – Vein Finder
Then there is the patient who seems to have a body with no veins. It’s a wonder how they are alive and walking, but they are! An infrared vein finder is just the thing and though they typically run in the $200 plus range, they are an invaluable aid if you don’t want to stick your patient six or seven times before finding that vein to get an IV started.

So there you have four of the very best techie and not-so-techie gadgets that every nurse really should have. It’s amazing what technology has done for the healthcare industry and even more amazing at just how handy some of these gadgets can be when you are studying to further your career with advanced level degree programs. The fact is, nursing is a rewarding career but there is much to learn and so you don’t want to get anything wrong. After all, human life depends on you understanding what and why you are doing something. These gadgets can help you stay organized and are perfect for keeping little reminders on hand. For yourself or as a gift, these are four of the most useful nurses’ gadgets to be found.