The 3 Step Guide to Shifting from a Full-Time Job to Entrepreneurship

Take the plunge with eyes wide open!


Zain Jordan

Are you constantly battling with yourself trying to quit your existing job? Does the six-figure salary or paid vacation not hold significance to you? Are you ready to give up the world-class benefits offered to you? Do you have a strong feeling that you can do this better? Well, then it’s time you moved out of your 9-5 job and experience entrepreneurship. However, before you take the big leap, it’s important that you conquer the following:

Overcome financial fear
Conquer your financial fear. The worst thing about not having a full-time job is financial security. However, if you reduce your expenses, eliminate the credit card debt and battle the worldly urges, there’s nothing that can stop or hamper your spirits to being an entrepreneur.

Eliminate your ego
This can build or break you. Have the right attitude rather than holding an ego. Eliminate your ego by putting others ahead of yourself, staying positive in times of hardship and being grateful for the opportunities you’ve been given.

Develop relationships
Business depends on relationships. Communicate with clients often, form new friendships, attend industry events, strike up conversations at networking events and be a good host. These will help you build your business and gain you the credibility which you’ve been craving!

Zain Zoom