3 Popular Vertical Garden Mechanics

Space is no more a problem with these green-hacks!

Vertical Garden

Zain Jordan

If green is something you love, but can’t see it grow around due to space constraints, the vertical gardens are great alternatives. They can be used to cover unattractive walls or simply cover the part of a free standing. Whatever its use, these three types of green walls are certain to make your space fashionable and healthy:

Hanging Pocket Garden
The Hanging Pocket Gardens are available in varied sizes and can be used indoors and outdoors. While the pockets can accommodate anything from flowers to vegetables or herbs, these work best for sunny and hot locations. Their ability to hold water helps retain the moisture making it look fresh and flourished all the time!

Picture Frame Garden
How about having a group of plants hanging out from a picture frame? Sounds fun, isn’t it? The Picture Frame Gardens generally keep the soil together and are perfect to grow larger plants, or ones that don’t have extensive roots, like succulents.

Vertical Pallet Garden
Pallets look beautiful when designed with care and innovation. As they can accommodate a number of plants, from flowers to herbs to vegetables, it’s best to have a multi-coloured approach to this type of a garden to make it look evergreen!

Zain Zoom