3 Great Tips for Traveling Students

Traveling Students

One of the biggest challenges students face while they are traveling is time management, and the challenge is even greater when they need to study or continue classes while on the move. How do you study for the SAT when you’re going to visit colleges? How do you continue your education and travel the country at the same time? How do you handle being shuttled between relatives over the summer and preparing for semester exams, end of course exams, or the SAT? Here are three great tips for traveling students.

Determine Your Internet Access Options before You Go

Before you assume that everyone will have Wi-Fi you can access, research the availability of Wi-Fi and wired connections before you leave. You may want to take a Wi-Fi dongle to improve your wireless connection, and taking an Ethernet cable may let you access the internet even if the facility doesn’t have Wi-Fi. Another option is learning which restaurants and cafes have free, safe Wi-Fi you could use.

Also set things up so that you can still study or do homework even if you don’t have internet, such as downloading recommended reading texts to your computer and installing exam prep apps on your phone while still at home.

Plan on Continuing Your Education No Matter Where You Are

Instead of lugging books around, find apps you can install on your smartphone to practice for the SAT vocabulary section or the GMAT. Download programs to prepare you for the SAT, ACT, GMAT or other exams you’re planning on taking to your laptop, so you can practice for those tests during any downtime you have.

If you are torn between continuing your education and traveling for months at a time, sign up for a universally recognized program such as Norwich University’s online masters in history program so you can take classes while you’re traveling. Whether you earn an online master of arts in history degree or take shorter courses on programming from one of a number of schools depends on your long term career path, but any online course will let you continue your education virtually while seeing the world.

Plan for Your Study Time in Advance

Long plane rides and train rides are an excellent opportunity to study. Spend the two or three hours before everyone else is up doing your homework, reading or studying. Identify time slots in your schedule to complete academic work or studying so that you don’t have to choose between schoolwork and fun activities at the last minute. And if your family or friends are idly watching whatever is on TV, take that time to study.

Learn how you could access the internet in more than one way while on the move to avoid being cut off or paying a fortune for the privilege. Plan in advance how you’ll continue your education, and then plan when you can study or do assignments. Take advantage of downtimes to study, such as the plane trip or half hour before lights out. Shift to online tutoring if you need it so that your course can continue uninterrupted.