10 Tips to Stay Motivated and Focus on Your Goals

Stay inspired, stay motivated!


Zain Jordan

Sustaining motivation can be tough. However instead of blaming distractions as work, family and technology, it’s time you focus on your goals and manage the external factors that drive motivation. Here are our top ten tips to staying motivated all the time.

• Set long term goals. Anything which is short-term or temporary will fade out.
• Give more than you take, and don’t expect anything in return. This will keep you happy and motivated to do more.
• The key to achieving a sense of fulfilment is under-promise and over deliver. This will help you at work and also in personal matters.
• Keep it short, keep it simple. Don’t indulge in extravagant affairs that only define the materialistic happiness.
• Work to live and don’t live to work. This should be your goal in life.
• Record, measure and document the progress you make each day. Look at this when you feel demotivated.
• Hang around people who share common vibes. Being surrounded with positive people will inspire you to see the goodness in your life.
• Don’t let anybody define happiness for you. You are the sole reason that can make you happy.
• Nothing is constant, but change. Grow out of your comfort box and love the change.
• Do it right, or don’t do it at all!

Zain Zoom