10 Rules to Fight Difficult People

Toxic people need clever handling!


Zain Jordan

Stress can be one of the key factors that drive your body towards damage. Toxic people can cause unnecessary stress. As such it is best to rule them out to live a peaceful and relaxed life.

Here are our top ten secrets to handle difficult people in your life:

• Lend an ear to the complainers, but not all the time.
• Establish boundaries and maintain distance to deal with difficult people.
• Maintain your composure to be able to deal with difficult people.
• Not all difficult people need face-to-face confrontations. Pick your battles wisely.
• Don’t get emotional. You have to be resilient to fight back.
• Avoid focusing on problems; rather focus on solutions to deal with difficult people.
• Don’t get influenced by negative talk or negative people.
• Don’t lose your sleep over someone else’s character.
• To be able to live in peace, it is a good practice to forgive, but never forget!
• Talk to your friends and family who can help and support you in fighting and dealing with difficult people.

Zain Zoom