10 Essential Rituals to Be a Morning Person

Good Morning! Follow these practices for a successful morning routine!

Be a Morning Person

Zain Jordan

The world comprise of two types of people – one that drag themselves out of their bed when the alarm goes, and the other that are full of energy as soon as they wake up. So what’s the secret to being a morning person?

Here are our top ten tips to harness the right energy to being a morning person:

• Wake up feeling grateful for another day in your life. This is a great start to a positive day.
• Start your day with a nutritious breakfast. It will keep you going all through the day.
• Seek help of meditation to feel and connect to your spiritual being.
• Indulge in physical activity. Treat your body like a temple and get in the habit of exercising.
• Reject the early morning distractions. Stay away from your phone. Messages can wait until later.
• Plan your day’s activity right at the start, rather than fretting over it through the day.
• Pick up a book on your way to the office, or simply read a scripture before you start your day. Reading improves your thinking process making it a perfect start for a new day.
• Be positive in your approach. This will help you overcome negativity and experience happiness.
• Express love to your near-dear ones. Love is the only feeling that nurtures relationships.
• Take a shower – cold or hot. Water is set to improve moods that improve the quality of your life.

Zain Zoom