The Voice 3 Nears The End


Qne of the most popular talent shows in the Arab world is The Voice.

The Voice, which airs on MBC, has shown great popularity through out its past three seasons, not only because the judging panel is grand, but because the focus is indeed on the voices and nothing else.

The judges, Kathem Al Saher, Shireen, Saber Al Rebai and Assi Hillani, each have a team, whose members have competed to reach the finals.

The Finale is next week and each team has a finalist; Christine Saied representing Kathem’s team. Hamza Fadhlawi representing Saber’s team. Ali Yousef representing Assi’s team. Nidaa Sharara representing Shireen’s team.

Next week the competition will be heated and the judges each will be eager to beat each other and have their representative win the title of “The Voice  3”.

Who do you think is going to be the winner? Share your views …