Star Academy Arabia 11 Prime 6


Every week I try to post something about the Starac prime .. but it seems to me that every week the prime resume is quite the same!
I am sure most of you have watched the prime, and each one of you has his or her own opinion about the contestants, their performances, the portraits, Hilda’s fashion choices that night and the results of the voting …

So, this week, I ask YOU to post the most interesting thing or horrific moment you saw during the 6th prime.
And what do you think of the teachers’ choice of the Top 5 this week?

I know the guest was Lebanese singer Yara … but that’s just a fact … I want to know how you saw the performances and if you could be a critic then what would you say to the students!

I really hope you will help me this week with this post … what do you say Starac fans???
Let me hear your voice! Come on!