Star Academy Arabia 11 Prime 5


The 5th prime of Star Academy Arabia, which was held on Friday night, saw the departure of Iraqi contestant Murtadha.
The students opted to bring back his fellow nominee Mohammad Saad, while the audience voting brought back Suhaila from Algeria.

The guest of the prime was Lebanese singer Nawal Zoghbi, which seemed to be more hyper than usual!
Nawal danced and jumped on stage as she shared the spotlight with the students.
She also sang one of her newest singles; Ya Gada3.


From what i noticed during the prime, the best performer was Marwan Yousef. He held his own, had apparent confidence and his voice/ performance was near perfect.

I liked one specific tableau; Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk which was done by Anis Bou Rehla.
I repeat, I liked the tableau but Anis’ performance could have been better!

As for one solo performance which i totally disliked, it was Mabelle’s cover of “Love me like you do” … it was weak and her presence lacked confidence.

As for the Top student this past week, it turns out it was Marwan .. and he won a trip to the Armenian capital Yerevan.

Video of CBC Star Academy 11 Prime 5