Star Academy Arabia 11 Prime 2


The second prime of the 11th season of Star Academy was held on Friday night and the guest this time was Egyptian singer Mohammad Hamaki.

The night contained a few portrays ranging from the historic to the romantic to the patriotic, in addition to two medleys, one saluting the grand Egyptian singer/actress Shadia, and another grouping three Khaliji songs.

Mohammad Hamaki Guest of Star Academy 11 Prime 2


Since this is the second week for the students, it’s fair to say that the teachers have monitored their behaviors and progression and have started ranking them in the Top 5.

The Top 5 students are:

5. Mabelle Shadid

4. Ehab Amir

3. Anis Bourehla

2. Nassim Raissi

1. Heidi Mousa .. and she won a trip to Russia!

As for the nominees, the audience voting saved Raphael Jabbour and the students decided to bring back Faten Abdel Hamid. Thus, the first nominee to leave the program was Yousef Darwish.

If you missed the second prime, you can watch here