Star Academy Arabia 11 Prime 15 Semi Final


Star Academy’s Semi Final prime was a bomb, with the guest star being the bomb-shell Haifa Wehbe.

Haifa stunned everyone with her presence and femininity. She also stole the spotlights with her figure, which she managed to highlight with her revealing outfits.

Haifa performed two of her songs with Egyptian student Heidi and dominated the stage with a solo performance of her song “Kubbeh”.

The portraits were diverse as usual and the students did their best to prove that they are worthy of moving on to the finals.

The nominees, Nassim from Tunisia and Hanan from Morocco, also gave it 100% but the one to continue to the finals was Nassim, while Hanan got only 48.88% of the audience voting.

The four finalists competing on the the title of The Star have taken their places and they are:

Nassim from Tunisia

Heidi from Egypt

M. Abbas from Egypt

Marwan from Lebanon

Who are you going to vote for? Who do you think is the best contestant to win the show?