Star Academy Arabia 11 Prime 12


The 12th prime of Star Academy Arabia 11 coincided with ringing in the New Year 2016.

The prime was a celebration with two stars, Lebanese Fares Karam and Egyptian Bousy.

Fares drove the audience crazy with his popular songs like “El Tanoura” and “Fouq El Metr w Sab3een” and “3a Tayeb“.


As for Bousy, she performed her song “Agaza” with Nassim and “Ah Ya Dunia” with Mohammad Abbas.

The portraits were fantabulous as usual and were just right for New Year’s eve.

I liked the Ancient Egypt portray in particular.


The two nominees were Ihab Amir and Dina Adel .. the audience voting results were very close, where Ihab got %48.60 and Dina %51.40 … and thus Ihab’s journey comes to an end so close to the finals.

There were no Top 3 students this time, but there was a reportage about the student’s unique outing to the mountains and the snow.

The night ended on the right note, on the tunes of Happy New Year, which was performed by all the students.