Star Academy Arabia 11 Prime 10


It’s always a treat to have Lebanese singer Melhem Zain as a guest at any venue, and it was certainly a treat to have him as the guest of the 10th prime of Star Academy 11.

Zain, who has preserved his stardom through an untarnished reputation, gracious relations with people, one-the-spot choices and having faith in God, performed three times on stage.

He shared the spotlight once with Lebanese student Marwan Yousef, and once with Tunisian student Nassim Raisi. He also performed solo in a dancing tableau.

Two special guests were also present; two graduates of the program, Egyptians Mina Atta and Mohammad Shahin.

As for the Top 3 this week; Dina Adel at 3, Raphael Jabbour at 2 and at No. 1 Mohammad Abbas. He won a trip to Belgium.

And the nominees, they were Anis from Algeria and Mabelle from Lebanon.

The nominee who got the majority of audience voting was Anis and thus Mabelle’s journey cam to an end. Hard Luck girl!

Next week the guest will be the one and only Nancy Ajram.

Video of Star Academy Prime 10


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