Star Academy Arabia 11 Prime 1

Wael Kfouri kick starts the opening night of Star Academy 11


The first prime of Star Academy Arabia was an explosive one last night with the theme of “Game of Thrones”.

The guest of the opening night was Lebanese singer Wael Kfouri.

The news students are from Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Syria, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

The students shared the spotlights together in duos and trios, singing songs like “Ib3atli Jawab” “Ya

Tera Tiri” “Inta 3omri” and “Hatha Minu” among a few more.

CBC Star Academy 11

Surely the prime wouldn’t be impressive without des tableaux which we have gotten used to for the past 10 years. So the students participated in a few stunning portraits, which we will see more of during the season … but we are waiting for more impressive stuff and more creativity this years.

The students seemed to have gone through the first prime with flying colors, but the first eval will surely show who is the weakest of them all this week.

I don’t think one can decide which of the student is a favorite yet, but which one do you like so far?

Watch the video of the first prime of CBC Star Academy 11

We will rock you

  • Emily Nguyen

    You’re right about it being too soon to accurately judge the talent. Almost none of the students had a good stage presence, but I’m willing to forgive that since they’re probably nervous. At least they should smile. The students who performed in the tableaus have an advantage over those who stood awkwardly; at least they were moving around.

    We Will Rock You went pretty well, despite the fact that the instrumental is horrendous. Mabel is very clearly the best dancer; it’s hard to pull off belly dancing in jeans. However, this song was ill-suited towards her voice. I think she will become a favorite. She knows how to command attention, and it’s clear that she’s not new to the stage. As for Anis, this song was perfect for him.

    Suheila, Hanane, and Soukaina were average. They were stiff from nerves, but they’re not bad singers. Perhaps we can see some real talent from them later on. Side note: it’s funny how much Hanane looks like Ibtissam, and Soukaina like Soukaina from 9.

    Abass, Ihab, and Saad’s performance was similar to the three girls’ above. Stiff, but lots of potential talent. It may just be that I’m not Arab, but I hate whenever they have the students sing classics. It’s overdone, and it doesn’t allow for a lively performance.

    Heidi’s tableau was beautiful. Her voice reminds me of Rania Nageeb’s, but this time around, I’m not really into how high her voice is. It’s sweet, but a bit grating. This may be due to nerves.

    Chantelle and Dina’s tableau was also well done, but I don’t like the choice of song. Both girls seemed uncomfortable. But other than that, they’re average.

    Nasim and Marwan had the advantage of singing with Wael. Not only are his songs faster and livelier, more people will remember them because of Wael.

    Rafael and Youssef seemed to enjoy their performance more than the others. The song choice was a good one, as it was harder to tell that they were nervous because they sang pretty well.

    I may have forgotten a performance, but covers it.

    By the way, HAR, I’ve noticed that your posts are getting shorter each season. This year you didn’t even post all of the students’ names and countries. Would you perhaps like some help with the reviews?

    • That would be great Emily 🙂

      • Hayat

        Haha, finally I find people who speak English and watch Star Academy ! Where are you from?

  • Elder Werewolf

    So far, Soukaina is the best one for me… I will have to disagree with Emily on Mabel and Anis, they were HORRIBLE, they totally butchered that song!!!!! who chose that for them anyways? Other than that, their voices seem pretty average and generic, the only standouts were probably Heidi and Soukaina from the girls and Nassim and Marwan from the boys

    • Juvy Villamil

      I agree with you Elder Werewolf,Soukaina is far better than the rest ..she possessed a powerhouse voice..and the rest are average..just my honest opinion..