Nidaa Sharara Wins The Voice 3


The finale of MBC’s The Voice 3 was an explosive one!

The four finalists, who were all worthy of winning the title, were at their best; Christine Saied representing Kathem’s team. Hamza Fadhlawi representing Saber’s team. Ali Yousef representing Assi’s team. Nidaa Sharara representing Shireen’s team.

The four judges, or team leaders, were on their toes and ready to jump up at any moment to cheer for the winner, because they know that the four of them are stars.

It seems though, there was a certain intuition that one talent specifically had more of a chance to be a winner than the others; Nidaa from Shireen’s team.


Nidaa from Jordan has a unique voice, one of gold! She sings Um Kulthoum’s songs perfectly. And she’s also able to sing other modern songs in the same professional level.

Some doubted that Nidaa would get enough votes to put her on top, just because she wears a head scarf … and that’s a shame!

But it was indeed Nidaa from Shireen’s team who got the majority of votes and has picked up enough attention to grant her the title of The Voice 3.

Congratulations Nidaa and Shireen! Hard luck to the others! Till the next season!