Comedy Series Will and Grace Makes a Comeback

Will and Grace

Did you miss “Will and Grace?” Miss it no more for we will soon be seeing the series on our TV screens very soon! Yup, you read that right! With this comeback, the favourite comedy series will showcase a very significant issue in the United States right now and that is none other than the presidential election.

It was only a few weeks ago that the cast, which includes Eric McCormack as Will, Debra Messing as Grace, Megan Mullally as Karen, Sean Hayes as Jack, posted some reunion photos on social media and also tipped off that something big was coming from the group. Well, now we know what it is and we can hardly wait to see everything.

As proof that “Will and Grace” will be on screen very soon, a clip was released a few hours before the first presidential debate. It shows Will and Grace expressing how much they dislike Trump. Then comes in Karen, who is an obvious supporter of Trump as she declares it so and tells everyone that she just got back from visiting the Trump family.

Surely, this new season of “Will and Grace” will be something to look forward to.